A B O U T _ R I C H A R D

Richard Wehrman is an award-winning illustrator, designer and poet who lives in rural Upstate New York. His graphic work now focuses on book illustration and design in the areas of Eastern and Western spirituality, alternative medicine and healing, and various areas of esotericism. Richard practiced and studied zen buddhism with Philip Kapleau Roshi and Toni Packer, the Heartwork process with Dale Goldstein, and more recently works with Robert Sardello's School of Spiritual Psychology, and the Diamond Approach of A. H. Almaas.

"I grew up in the 1950's and spent much of my time in libraries. To me, books were real treasures. You never knew what you would find inside them. The cult of
newness had not yet arrived, and the scruffy cloth covers and thick pencil-marked pages often revealed unknown secrets and knowledge. Perhaps this is why I still love libraries and used bookstores today, and value the look, touch and feel of the printed book so very much."

Richard lives with his wife, illustrator and painter Vicki Wehrman. They have two children, four grandchildren, a great-grand daughter, one large cat, and an evolving garden. Various deer, woodchuck, rabbits, thunderstorms, chipmunks, hawks, sunshine, crows, snakes, fox and coyote make an occasional visit, usually to question Richard about just who the heck he thinks he is.