C O V E R _ & _ B O O K _ D E S I G N


Your book's cover is the first and most impactful way readers will be exposed and attracted to your book. A striking, unique and subject-sensitive cover will insure your recognition and discovery within the marketplace of your specific readership. That image is the first they will see, online on sites such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or in reviews in print and media.
And this creativity is tempered by the standards of excellence I apply to every project. Your work awakens new horizons; my visual creativity will support your own. Your vision in words will join my expression in the visual realm, giving insight and understanding to your ideas for the benefit of your readers. E-mail or call me to discuss the possibilities.
My many years of design experience and extensive knowledge of spiritual and inner-work disciplines allow you to place your project in respectful and loving hands. Each cover design project is a personal opportunity for me to extend my artistic and spiritual horizon. As such, you are always the beneficiary of that extension into new creative territory.