B O O K _ I L L U S T R A T I O N _ O N E


This image portfolio (as well as Book Illustration Two) demonstrates the range of my illustration styles. This first style is traditional artwork, in the sense that I create the original images as pencil drawings on paper. After refining the drawings, sometimes with extensive shading, they are scanned into photoshop, and then reworked to add color and digital effects.
A few of the pieces, the Manjusri Bodhisattva and the Road-kill Bodhisattva, are acrylic paintings, which were created as fine art. These days working with actual brush and paint is the exception, with the vast majority of my commercial work created digitally. However, every project begins as an inspiration, and finds its initial expression, by hand, on paper.
Some of the work is more graphic in nature, reflecting my long-standing interest in wood engraving and wood block printing. I now replicate this effect digitally, which in some cases is actually more difficult than the old traditional medium. But of course the computer allows infinite adjustments and variations, which make it a wonderful tool.