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Love Letters. A valentine poem that tries to bring the quality of love alive in the present moment, as you hold the printed poem and are in the very act of reading itself.
Martha Graham. I'm always astounded by the Wisdom that pours from human beings, out of infinite oneness, through the angelic realm and into our fragile preciousness and creative fierceness. Here is one such.
Blessing. Artwork and poem by Richard Wehrman. The Mystery (but not much of one), is who is blessed by whom? I could be writing about you, and when you read this you'll know which You that is.
Pouring. I'm getting too old. I thought this was by Rumi, but I only stole from him. Hopefully the love of his that inspired me will extend his grace and tolerance to my shameless thievery.
Halloween. Who better than the Tibetans to address the issues of Halloween, and to offer us a good scare out of our complacency...into the arms of practice and the refuge of the dharma.
Spring. A photographic illustrated image by Richard Wehrman, and a fragment of a poem by Rumi, celebrating love and the truth of what really matters.
Thanksgiving Poem. Many friends have been kind enough to read this poem at their own thanksgiving gatherings. We read it along with the "Thanksgiving Address" (Greetings to the Natural World) of the Iroquois people.
The Well. A poster featuring a poem written to evoke the awareness that what we guard so preciously, out of our sense of separation, is with awakened heart freely and infinitely given.

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Love for Sale. An original photographic illustrated image and poem by Richard Wehrman from Dale Goldstein's "Heartwork" book. Something I re-read when I'm uptight about money.
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